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You have arrived at my Custom Video area and I am sure you didn’t do that by mistake. You will have seen my style and interests in the video store, if not you should go and browse to see what I do, how I do it and the quality I achieve.

I hugely enjoy making Custom Femdom and Fetish Videos. I get a great kick from doing so and knowing that you, the customer, is being drawn into my web and under my control.

I love role playing and showing the power women have in all and any situation in life and particularly the control of submissive people, both male and female. But I am not limited to this. Mind control and mesmerising, role reversal, teaching and lecturing scenes and office domination are all subjects I am fascinated by and which I am particularly good at and I achieve a very high level of quality using many means and supports.

I use my intelligence, my voice and creativity . My success in these areas is achieved by using fetish clothing particularly leather, rubber, satin and pvc all supported by a wide range of boots and high heels as well as my character. In addition I control you with gestures and movements of my hands, fingers, legs and words. I am bilingual in English and Spanish which adds another aspect to my “power”.

You will see that I use my wide range of fetish fashion to draw you in and expand my control as well as seduce you with its style and looks. You will be awestruck by the range of my clothing and how I use it.

I am more than happy to make specific videos to your requirements and wishes to meet your fantasies but will only do so if I feel the subject matter is interesting.


My videos are produced to a high standard by me. No one else is involved unless you require it. I am not a professional editor but do achieve a very high quality which seem to be enjoyed by my stable of adoring admirers with no criticism. Because I do all the editing and production I guarantee that your Custom Video will be delivered within two weeks.

The videos I am willing to record are the ones similar to the ones I sell already, same categories: leather, pvc, boots and pantyhose fetish. 

Stop looking and now order – you know you need and want to!!!!

If you want a especial video, made to measure of your needs , fill in the following format with all the details.

*Make sure all the format is completed. you will be emailed with instructions to buy .


Custom Clip Order

This is a form to request your own artistic POV Clip. Use the box to describe all the details.
    Extra fee will apply.If you choose YES, state your name in the Custom Clip Description
  • Have in mind that the ordinary delivery is up to 2 weeks . Anything sooner will be charged additionally
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf.
    you may attach a file in case you want to make your description more graphic