leather experience

Leather Experience 1 : The pyrenees

What is a Leather Experience ? A leather experience is one day dedicated to one of my can be one!!!

My fan takes me around a special place or town and we discover nice places together. you pamper Me by taking care of my accomodation and or one of my meal.


The objectives:

  1. Travel and know about small towns around the Pyrenees -Spain side
  2. Find a good local restaurant or leather shop 
  3. Dress in leather outfit and be photographed by one of my fans

Echo, Old Stone Houses Town

There are beautiful towns in the sourroundings. We stopped at Echo, a town taken out from a fairy tale, full of old stone houses , lovely people and beautiful views.

The Restaurant Canteré : An amazing restaurant with high quality dishes and great service. I was highly impressed by the food in general in the area.
Red Fruits with coconut soup
We stopped to make some pictures and a video. The tall trees and the different flowers kep us company during the walk. Oh! and also some flies and beesm but it was worth it!

Which will be my next destination??? Message me if you would like Me to visit your city!