Devotees and Social Fans


If you are My fan , a dedicated follower or helper and you want to learn more about My lifestyle, you must set up a Twitter account and follow Me.

Dedicate your profile to Me and show Me your devotion by:

· Choosing a unique Twitter name, If you are? were in contact with Me (online training, or in consideration) I might choose you a name if you want me to.

· Set an interesting profile picture – it must be a picture with you, preferably wearing a mask and non nude, or simply an avatar.

· Set your header photo – if you want to dedicate your profile to Me,It would be good if you include one of my pictures.

Leather Shopping: I love going out/ cyber for shopping. I will happily indulge in shopping with your money. If you are looking to buy some things for you (dresses, pantyhose or fetish clothes) I will gladly help you. Make sure you apply by messaging me on the contact page ..

– Distance Training (via onlyfans) – write to Me about your experience in distance domination, what you are your goals (kinky play or to become a better servant for Me and/or other Dominant ladies), your interests, limits and availability (your time zone for example) ,also mention  if you have any toys/fetish clothes that you can use for My entertainment.

– Become my devotee/fan – if you admire Me and you would like to make yourself useful, even though you live far away, apply to become an official devotee or fan.


Start working for Me!

· Dedicate your Twitter account to Me !!


Here is an example:

Subscribing to my  subscription page is a great way to get in touch with Me and know Me more.


And also check out my clipstores: