My Style

About Me 

I have been deeply involved with the leather and shiny world for the last 12 years but my consuming passion for wearing boots and leather has been with me since I was young. Starting as an amateur fetish model sparked an intense curiosity for shiny clothing which led to me expanding my interest from leather to rubber and pvc.

Wearing these materials made me feel special, I realised my senses became more alive and I particularly enjoyed their feel and how they made me feel. It also fascinated me to see the effect my wearing these clothes had on other people and their perception of me.

Luckily for me, I grew up in a city where I was able to wear boots for most of the year and this allowed me to feed my fetish. When I could I began to expand my wardrobe until I have now got perhaps one of the best collections of leather, rubber and pvc clothing in which covers almost all fetish desires and interests.

Nowadays I prefer a more vintage look wearing outfits which enhance my dominant persona and I love wearing tight clothing, particularly trousers which emphasise and highlight my figure, and uniforms with crispy collars all of which increase my dominance.


Would you like to know more about me? I would define myself as a classic chamaleon!! I enjoy modelling different outfits . My style in boots has been changing over the years but in general this would describe my favorite:





  • Thigh high boots with colored soles , back zipper pointy or rounded toes, and back zippers

  • Knee high boots in leather , never suede , in all colors and shapes, flats or heeled ( every height) I prefer stiletto heels obviously.

  • I totally love Hunter boots shiny or mate

  • Strict Riding Boots in real leather I prefer no laces.

  • Wellies.

Gloves: All types except suede .

  • All size 6.5  are welcome  just make sure except for animal fur decorations and I prefer  them with no lining so my knuckles can be seen. The thinner the better.

Leather:It is my main interest:I am wearing at least one leather garnment each day of my life.

  • Any leather  like skirts, shirts, ties, and dresses.Uniforms, hats and caps.
  • I prefer to buy troussers by my own because they are tricky regarding the size and shape. Message me if you want to gift me one.
  • PVC clothing:Corsets, skirts and dresses.
  • Second hand is welcome , as long as it is clean and inmaculate conditions.

Nylon and Silk

  • Stockings Fully fashioned . All nylon pantyhoses or stockings  are big turn on. I prefer classic style or with unique details like cuban or french heel.
  • Shiny pantyhose , seamless make me mad: Cecilia de Rafael , and Cervin are my favorite brands.
  • Satin and Silk blouses.