Complicity, the paradise during a pandemic

My trip was full excitement, not only for the fact that I was going to see Mía, my personal slave but also for travelling during COVID lockdown in another country.

It generated a lot of confusion and some anxiety due to the fact that I didn´t quite know how life was abroad .Travelling along my country was something but crossing the border was a complete uncertainty.

My leather experience tour had varied a bit since Wwe were not alowed to go to any restaurants and walking around the city was restricted. It made of it a bigger challenge !

As I arrived , Master was waiting for Me at the station , I had no pictures of him so meeting him was also a suprise factor which made Me excited for the new adventure.My first touch with their reality was going good so far.

We walked to the apartment , climbed up some staits and entered a small and cozy apartment. I saw her in the corner of the living room my heart started to speed up , rushing and I was afraid Master could hear it. He didnt.

Mia was on her knees , blindfolded and quiet. her small shape was covered in PVC with her maid outfit which I had seen so man times on Twitter. “Oh she is real!”

Now I was there, with her.I smiled. I walked slowly towards her and smelled her, I touched her, as I sat on the sofa next to her and only then I heard her hard breathing , I touched her. I had imagined that instant so many times but none would appear as strong as when I let her smell my hand.

All my movements were very smooth and calculated, to make sure to give her part of Me drop by drop. As I felt more relaxed and my body less tense, I removed her blindfold and saw her big deep clear eyes. I wanted to cry. I felt the goose bumps at my back stand up touching my cotton shirt . I hugged her and the moment itself became very intese and rich .

A promised little celebration came along; eating delicious food prepared by herm , a cheese board and nice drinks for a toast.The following days were amazing and Wwe shared different incredible moments including lots of videos, pictures, laughs and an inmense world of complicity.

Coming back home, was less stressing and even all the hussle of the trip, I would do it again because every second with her is worth it.

Drop By Drop

Leather Power